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Wow! Bud was amazing both in knowing what the lions would do and handling his hounds. We hunted several days in different weather conditions, both dry ground and snow, and we were on lions almost every time. We ended up with a huge Tom lion and it was a hunt of lifetime! I have hunted all over and this was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. I still get a smile on my face whenever I think of that hunt, 1 more item off my bucket list!

Todd Garrett

Mindy's Lion

Bud has helped my whole family get lions; he has hunted with us in hot dry conditions and cold snow conditions. He has helped us more than I can ever imagine and helped me and my boys kick off our hunting careers! He has become an incredible friend and there is no one else I would trust my family to hunt with. Being a female hunter it’s tough to trust everyone and Bud is top notch. He knows how to handle beginner youth hunters to seasoned veterans and adjust the hunt to them. He has made our family better hunters and we are proud of that. Wehave so many memories and we owe it to those incredible lion hunts!

Mindy Arthurs and Family

What an incredible experience. Going out on a hunt and not really expecting much, it was my first time. We spread out and found a track within a couple of hours Bud confirmed it was a big Tom (male) lion. He knew right where it was headed and when we released the dogs they confirmed he was right! I was amazed how the dogs trailed a lion and we couldn’t even see the track, they were getting more excited and faster as we went down the canyon. Once we lost them and caught up they were barking a different tune and Bud said they had him treed! My first day out and we had a lion treed within a few hours on an incredible cliff in the rocks. I know it’s not supposed to be that easy but it all happened so fast but Bud along with his dogs are incredible!

Christina Palen